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Masks and Gloves | A Vermont Covid Film | Part 3

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Cinco De Mayo 2020 looked a lot different than 2019!

Instead of colorful get togethers, sharing food and celebration, it was just the two of us in a van with the pup, sans good Mexican food.

Luckily, we had scheduled to shoot (at a distance) so we could feel a bit like life was normal.

We headed to Randolph, VT to check in on one of Vermont’s biggest face mask production sites….in a glove factory!

Sam Hooper, owner of Vermont Glove had shifted his operation to making face masks for essential workers and people in need.

Though only 4 staff remained in the building for safety reasons he still kept everyone employed and working from home.

His production facility was a filmmaker’s dream, with lots of fun old details, colorful fabrics, soft, fragrant leather and smiling eyes.

Interviewing Sam from a distance with the old sewing machines clicking away was a challenge for audio reasons, but that’s what room tone is all about!

Thank you audio mixers!!!

Sam is beyond inspiring and a good mover and shaker, so we felt like we had reason to celebrate just because we were fortunate enough to film with him.

We were thanked for coming, donned with new, fancier cotton face masks and sent on our way….happy and wishing we could drink a tasty Mexican lager through a face mask!


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