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What are you working on?

We are continuously doing research on new projects and cultivating new content for Planet Axis.  While we are always looking for the best educational and inspiring documentaries to share with the world, here are a few of our latest stories in progress.  

Axis Academy

I'm Not Afraid of the Dark

The experts in their fields share their knowledge in a 'masterclass'-esque setting, educating on topics that matter revolving around the environment and social issues.

Light pollution is growing and is negatively impacting not only our health but the health of our planet.  One man's crusade to save the last of the dark skies.

The Value of Food

Why have we gotten too busy to enjoy and appreciate a very basic necessity?  The very thing that sustains us, sustains our health and our environment.  Have we lost the Value of Food?  and therefor the value of humanity?

How can my corporation help?

Your company or corporation can sponsor a film in production and share Planet Axis' mission with your team.  We also suggest In-kind donations, corporate gift matching, or employee payroll giving as a few ways to help on other levels.  And most importantly your corporation can partner with us to support our mission and spread the word.

Can I choose where my funds go?

Absolutely! 100% of all funds go directly to the film, educational content or cause of your choice.  We utilize your funds to film, edit, market and support the individual or cause related to the film.  And if you just want to support us on a whole...well we basically use your funds the same.

Can I make a monthly donation?

Yes!  We currently accept donations either through our GoFundMe campaigns or directly through PayPal. Through PayPal you can choose to donate monthly and you or your organization will receive an email notification for your records.  

I'm a filmmaker and interested in having my film on Planet Axis.  What do I need to do?

Awesome!  First step is to reach out and discuss your film or project.  We normally screen each film that is proposed to make sure it meets our social, environmental and educational standards.  If we see something that may not fit the bill, we are happy to discuss how to get it there.  Otherwise, we set up an interview and BTS with the filmmaker to script the narrative and release of the film.

How is this different then just putting my film on Youtube?

Planet Axis is the only environmental platform of its time.  We believe that the clutter and "click hole" of Youtube is fun, but many films get lost in the mix.  We vet and curate all our films to make sure they are entertaining while being educational and focused on our mission of environmental awareness.

I am working on a film but may not have the funds to complete it.  Can Planet Axis help?

We can.  Our mission is to find like minded filmmakers and story tellers who care about our planet.  If your film or idea is something that aligns with our mission of education, we would be happy to talk about our Grant Program.


We are looking for collaborators, filmmakers, volunteers and partners.  Come make an impact with us.  Let's empower our worlds to make a change and join in the climate crisis conversation.

How can you help?

Thanks for reaching out!

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