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We believe in forward progression.  Here are a few of the films we are currently working on.  We would love to have your support on these or other upcoming topics.


Community Through Crisis: a Vermont story

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic causing unforeseeable economic consequences & health crises, the second smallest state in the US bands together to put its community first. 

This award winning short documentary won numerous accolades while on the film festival circuit and also aired on VTPBS.  

Docs Without Borders Film Festival Laurel
The Impact Docs Awards Laurel
Spotlight Documentary Film Awards Laurel


The "Axis Academy"

Join us for the only online educational series centered around the environment.  Planet Axis' Axis Academy brings the blueprint of change right to your screen with environmental experts in their fields.

"I am Pure" - working title

A story of connection...centered around the Vermont Abenaki tribe and the bison that are bringing us back to our roots.

This journey of past, present and future is a documentary of resilience and compassion.

The Value of Food - Coming 2026

Why have we gotten too busy to enjoy and appreciate a very basic necessity?  The very thing that sustains us, sustains our health and our environment.  Have we lost the Value of Food?  and therefor the value of humanity?

"I'm Not Afraid of the Dark" - working title

the milky way

Light pollution is growing and is negatively impacting not only our health but the health of our planet.  One man's crusade to save the last of the dark skies.

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