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Post Release Depression | A Vermont Covid Film | Part 12

Well, we did it…somehow made it through the post work of putting a film together.

Over months and months…what began as a simple idea and a wish, started to become reality. It grew and grew inside of us…until we could not deny that it was going to happen. We would have to make a film and share it with the world.

Between the prep work and “boots on the ground” days of filming, we did not see the end picture. We had NO idea what lay ahead. We only knew that we had to get it out and share our documentary in a timely fashion…. say, beginning to end about 9 months?

But the world started to grow crazy with all things election, so we began to think prematurely. And therefor were pushing for it to come out a bit early so we could deliver some good news.

However, post-production was no simple task and there were plenty of hours and days that I cannot recall. I do remember there was screaming; related to both joy and pain. And I do remember the “a-ha” moments (not the band) when a scene or narrative started to fall into place.

There were many sleepless nights and a lot of aches and pains from standing at an edit desk. But now, I stand proudly and look at what we created. I am overjoyed and yet a little saddened that the process is over. I guess this is what they call “Post Release Depression” (ok, nobody calls it that, but I am inventing the go with me.)

The ‘sad’ comes from the fact that there is so much that people don’t get to see. From the transcripts, to the yelling at people onscreen to deliver a line they never say, to the little gems of footage that don’t seem to fit.

Sad because no one understands the labor of love that went into painstakingly editing and creating a sound design that is almost invisible. Sad because the hours of pouring over a score, narrative and shot list is now in the rear-view mirror.

Our film is out there…being viewed and either loved or hated. And now there is nothing we can do about it...

but be its champion and support it.

I sit back and take it all in. I watch my own film with new eyes and fall in love again with it and the characters that shine through. It makes me proud and nostalgic for the work and labor of love.

You almost start to forget how hard it was!

Hence, I feel myself being tricked into doing another!

Here we go…….the push!

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