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Lockdown's Silver Lining Is In The Air

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

But There's A Lot Of Work Ahead

Let me get this straight: a viral contagion is threatening our health for months to come. It's a global health risk, so here we are, basically under house arrest because of COVID-19.

However, in monitoring the environment we are learning that air quality has gotten better due to the huge decrease in people driving, mostly unnecessarily. So, it looks like our circumstance has a silver lining.

Air pollution is a huge, devastating health risk that preys on us daily and will for decades to come. The fact that we can control our pollution and therefor our exposure to poor air quality is a ray of light, shining on us leading us to healthier possibilities.

But hey, let's not breathe easy yet. Because some "genius" decided to back step on all the progress we had made for cleaner cars and cleaner air. So, we are back to creating more health risks than COVID-19 could ever hope to accomplish. Sorry COVID-19, air pollution has got you beat, now and for the foreseeable future.

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