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Flashback Sustainable Life

Living "sustainable" is not based on a singular pathway. It's complicated.

But it's only complicated because we have made it so!

If we look back even 100 years, life was not as I call it, "fast paced and over packaged". Products were thoughtful, people used what they had, and they never were concerned with what social media said they needed to be happy and fulfilled.

Life was far more sustainable because of simplicity paired with a little ownership of the waste each person or each company put out.

What we have to remember is that we have the ability to seek out opportunities to live more in tune with the planet. Be it by cutting back on single use plastic consumption, driving less and walking or biking more, limiting our food waste, supporting zero waste companies, shopping at your local thrift store, bringing your own bags and to-go containers, etc.

There are many paths and even if you feel that "that's not gonna make a difference!" It is.

If we can reach back in time and relish in it's nostalgia, maybe we can live a bit more old school.... simple yet sustainable.

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