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Cookies Make the World Go Around | A Vermont Covid Film | Part 6

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

We are used to van life. We are used to wearing many hats (figuratively and literally). We are not used to lingering outside hospitals with cameras looking like a creepy news team. But that’s all behind us now and it was for a good cause.

Actually, it was for cookies, which in our opinion, during a crisis is one of the best causes.

Cookies make everyone feel better and King Arthur Baking Company's Bake Truck driver (that's a mouthful!), Kathy knew that.

Taking to the road during the pandemic to serve fresh delicious cookies to essential workers at local area hospitals was her mission. And so, we decided to give in to van life and become her “chase van” for a day.

"Dodgey" our dodgey sprinter production van was loaded to the gills with gear and we took to the streets….hoping, as usual, she would hold out for another mission!

We met Kathy and her rust free, Bake Truck outside an area hospital. I somehow wished that "Dodgey" was full of cookies and not gear, but alas. Kathy held fast in her truck and shouted an interview from the drivers side window. Meanwhile, hospital staff were unloading her fresh baked boxes of cookies from the rear of the bake truck. I was wishing I had worn scrubs and could get in line.

As the skies opened up and rain came down, we packed up from the first hospital parking area to follow closely (Hey, vans don’t need to social distance!) to our next drop off point.

Shooting with a small movi /steadycam

and go pro on the go, weaving through the streets to get to the next destination, and trying to make it all look nonchalant, was a super fun task. It is hard to be stealthy in a large, white (and rusty) sprinter van, so we just embraced the awkwardness.

After all the cookies were delivered and I am sure gobbled up! we parted ways in true Covid manner….with just a flash of the lights, a turn indicator and a wave through the window, from a distance.


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