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A Vermont Covid Film is Born | Part 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It all started way back in March…when a good stiff drink would calm our nerves of the

looming pandemic.

The world was changing fast. There was hoarding and looting and a plague of locust descending on the earth. Ok, not really but there was a lot of things missing off our store shelves!

Business had changed overnight and washing our hands and keeping everything as clean as possible became our only priority.

Maybe as filmmakers we felt somewhat obsolete. What could we do to help all those that were being affected by the Covid-19 crisis?

We heard our good friend (and super talented head distiller!) Erin Bell at Silo Distillery was no longer making spirits and had shifted their operation to making hand sanitizer. Wow! We were amazed and wanted to do what we could do to help out. So, we went to visit Erin and forgoing any hugs and high fives we documented Silo’s mission. From there we put together a video for GoFundMe, to raise funds so they could keep their hand sanitizer production going. Hey...we are not craft distillers…but we know how to craft a story!

And there you have it…that was the beginnings of the road to “Community Through Crisis: A Vermont Story.” What a ride it’s been!


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