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A Day of Salvation | A Vermont Covid Film | Part 8

I stand in awe of many things.

Life and our natural world are astounding. But I am not easily impressed by many people. That all changed the day we headed to film with Theresa Snow of Salvation Farms.

As summer loomed and the heat had begun, we actually borrowed a car to make the drive north to Pete's Greens. We just didn’t feel like chancing a ride in Dodgey, especially with a lack of A/C and airflow. (We had sweat off enough pounds in that van.)

When we arrived we caught up with the Salvation Farms' gleaning coordinator, Emma Korowotny from afar. We stood back and filmed as she and her volunteer crew sorted and packed produce from Pete's Greens. Let's just say I hit the farmstand hard after that because all the produce was amazing!

A short while later, after my farmstand shopping spree, we met Theresa and her vivacious spirit was contagious. We started chatting and sharing stories and I had to stop her…”save it for the camera!” I said. But she was a true pro at sharing her story and my apprehension of “losing the moment” was soon quashed.

She led us to a field nearby (which sounds sketchy but really was not) and we set up along a long, dirt road. The backdrop of Vermont's farmland, surrounded by hills was breathtaking and offered a sense of calm amidst all the Covid panic.

The sun beat down and I kicked myself for not packing some eco sunscreen. But hey! I forgot that wearing a mask is better than sunscreen! My nose would be saved from sunburn…praise the Pandemic!

Theresa educated us on farming, gleaning and the mission of Salvation Farms all whilst I was holding a large reflector nearly blinding her. She WAS a pro. When the interview was finished, we got to walk the fields and see the beauty of growth and cultivation. Vermont has the ability to grow so much good food, it was inspiring.

We found ourselves lingering in the presence of not only Theresa but the bountiful land. Hard to tear away, we packed up our gear ever so slowly.

As we headed home…I realized, though my nose and face may have been saved from the sun, my arms were not. They were ripening to the shade of a perfectly harvested beet. Which made me wonder, when will they be in season?


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