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Introvert or quarantine?

With a pandemic upon us all, global leaders are calling for quarantine to stop the spread of the COVD-19. As that reality sets in...and days of solitude and isolation linger before us, possibly turning into weeks and months, it makes me look at how I live my own life. Oddly enough, not that much has changed for me and my partner in crime. And so I wonder if introverts had it right all along? To shed some lightness onto this grim situation, I have realized that being introverted may be the saving grace! I tend to lean towards more solo activities, such as hiking, kayaking, back country skiing, bike riding, puzzles...and never considered myself to be an introvert. But in this new light, where the quarantine has not totally altered my life (and I don't feel the need to post every detail of this "new strange existence"to social media), I can see now that I may in fact be an introvert! So here's to all the introverts who are helping to "flattenthecurve" just by being you! Stay strong and keep showing the rest of the world that, taken in stride, it's not all that bad to love your own company.

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