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Old Dog, New Tricks - Retrain Your Brain To Make Better Choices For Our Planet

Complaining is key to getting nowhere.

We know smoking is bad for us. We still do it.

We know that eating fast food is bad for us. We still do it.

So, when we find out that using single-use plastics is bad for us (and silently killing us) OF COURSE we do it!

And after all that, we have the balls to complain about our health, lack of/cost of health care, our love handles, how we don't have time to make a meal so we have to have fast food, how we don't have enough money, that it's hard to remember our reusable cup, that we don't know how to change, that it should be up to someone else to make a change for the better.

Well, I am hear to quote a very smart and dear friend of mine in saying,

“Have a cup of shut the F@%K up!"

If you are alive and breathing, you have the ability to know better and make better choices. You may be an old dog, but you can still learn a new trick. We all have to stop believing that it's someone else's problem or we can't do better. We can. And we can start today.

Cutting out single-use plastic bottles and cups is a super simple and easy change. It may make you realize that the healthier choices are usually the ones that don't come in plastic. And that drinking from a glass is far classier then a solo cup! Also not getting the plastic cup drink from the drive through, just may help with that waistline.

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